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Karim by Herakut

The subject of this portrait is a man named Karim and he lives on the streets of Paris very near to where his portrait was painted. He usually can be found next to a grocery store where he spends most of his time drinking beer. After listening to his life story I really could not blame him for drinking, his life has been much harder than most starting from a very young age. Karim was born in France but had to go to Algeria when he was six years old and the teachers in Algeria would beat him with tree branches for making mistakes speaking Arabic. From his life story, it seemed like he has been beaten so much and so often that it doesnt really seem to phase him and he has developed a very tough exterior. There was some street art right next to where he hangs out and he seemed to love to look at the spray painted art and he remembered the artists and told me stories about the day they were painting and he seemed to have happy memories of the artists. This poor man spends his time outside a groocery store and people walk right past him and most probley ignore him.

His face had such character even though all the facial scars and his eyes conveyed both a ferocity and happiness in a short conversation. Karim seemed to really love graffiti and street art and this was one of the core reasons I felt he would be the perfect person to start this project. A fellow artist friend called Ogre knows Karim because he is from the neighbourhood, and Ogre has even donated Winter clothes to him. Instead of just handing Karim the recycled iPhone to get the Bitcoin, Ogre is going to start off taking care of the iPhone 4 for him, and getting Karim the donations until we can get Karim to understand how to use the phone himself and use the Bitcoin. There is a Pizza joint near where Karim hangs out that accepts Bitcoin, and they deliver the pizza. So a hot meal and a warm safe place to sleep will be where any Bitcoin donations will be used. You can see how much was given in Bitcoin to Karim and how much and where it was spent here - Karim's Bitcoin address is 16oRHTqkerrXwQduxS495LGBDdUXUYXGaY


HERAKUT ( is a German art duo consisting of Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehman). Together Hera and Akut make HERAKUT and their art can best be described is a blend of classical style art and graffiti. Their unique style makes their work jump out because their style is so unique, one knows a Herakut painting by first sight and you dont even need to ask who the artist is. Besides doing work on canvas for art gallery shows, they also are world renowned for their massive murals painted on the walls an buildings.

Herakut can convey an array of emotions rarely seen in other artists through their many characters and the expressiveness in the detailed facial features. Hera and Akut are good souls with breathtaking talent, they do about half their work doing charity work for schools and refugees in the places like Jordan.