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Karim by Herakut

The subject of this portrait is a man named Colombo and he lives around Hackney in London. What caught my eye about him was he looked right at me and was moving his head to some music and just seemed like he was having a good time. His fashion choices were really expressive and was such a character that I knew he would be a great subject for the French artist Bom.K to paint. Tam works over at the Machines Room in Hackney where we have the QR code stencils made with their laser cutter, and she told me about Colombo and where he hangs out. She told me sometimes he gets a little agro at times and he can scare people that don't know him, I think it can be easy to forget these people go through situations everyday that most people would find it near impossible to endure and a bad day for him must be a nightmare. So maybe having his portrait painted by a great artists is just the thing to bring a little light into poor Colombo's life.

Project 256 is always going to be a learning experience for us and we know that we are going to make plenty of mistakes trying to figure out the best ways to approach helping the homeless. This one was one we had to to chalk up to experience and write off as a loss. Colombo was more than excited to have his portrait painted by a great artist when we first approached him and we took his photo. After he saw his portrait though, his excitement changed later he opted out of participating with this project, and we respect his decision. I think the portrait painted of him by Bom.K is really amazing and it is a real shame that Colombo opted out of being a part of Project 256 and the help of Bitcoin donations because this painting by Bom.K was covered in a feature in the London Times

For full disclosure, below is the public Bitcoin address for the QR code used in the painting and it only has the one donation that I personally made for Colombo. 19uM8qarbhGNDxEjHh4nA84coXJZg1BtV

I learned something for this experience with Colombo, and I learned something new about working with homeless people and enables me to work on this project in a better way. If you want to donate something please tip the artist using the QR code on the bottom right side of this page, Bom.K is an amazing artist and your Bitcoin tips are always welcome. As always, thank you for your support!


BOM.K ( Bom.K has his first solo show for MYA Gallery at the Moniker Art Fair starting this Thursday October 15, 2015. If you are in London and get a chance to see his show, you will be amazed at his paintings on canvas, I have been watching his work over the past couple years and he is quickly becoming one of the most impressive artists on the scene.

Bom.k started developing his style in the comfort of a studio, with the same aesthetical insanity and ambition than his exterior works. Armed with pencils, spray cans and loads of chemical products, he continuously vandalises canvases that are as big as walls. Logically, his work is quickly noticed by galleries both in France and abroad – Europe, United States and Asia – who invite him to participate in both solo and group shows.