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Project 256 is a labor of love for the people that have contributed their time, energy and own personal crypto-currency to get this idea to fruition. Our goal is to help people have a better quality of life and prevent their unnecessary suffering. Plus we can teach people how to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in everyday life.

We are still learning about this project and trying our best to find the right process to make this work in an efficient way. To start with, these are the companies that are moving the ball forward and taking Project 256 from an idea to an actuality.

The concept, technical implementation, video and media production and the selection of artists for Project 256 was done by myFINBEC.

MyFINBEC is an art and wine event and gallery now based in Paris that started out in 2012 having some of the biggest names in international street art paint murals 672 stacked wood wine crates.

For 2015, myFINBEC has 168 sketches on wood and oil paintings on canvas by Bezt of Etam Cru. New art and new artists are released every month. Plus limited edition art prints made on a lithograph printer built in 1881 that did the original art prints for Picasso, Chagall and Miró.

The Machines Room in London uses their laser cutter to cut all the QR code stencils out of wood. These stencils are used to connect the artists and homeless people to the public via their Bitcoin wallets.

Machines Room is an east London maker space open to the public and businesses to come and fabricate their ideas. We have a full range of machines for processes such as laser & vinyl cutting, 3d printing to CNC. At our centre is a 2000 sq ft space that hosts events and exhibitions (available for hire). During the day, the area functions as an open to all co-making and co-working space.

Montana Cans

Each artist has a maximum of 256 colors of spray paint to paint their portrait and Montana Cans provides the spray paint for the artists

The brand Montana-Cans has been influencing artists since it’s humble beginnings in Heidelberg, Germany. Not only because the team behind the brand has it’s roots in Graffiti and Art cultures, but also as they were, and still are, active users. When passion met German precision, a new level in quality art making tools was born.