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The most important donations for this project are the donations going to the homeless people in the paintings. They will benefit from even the smallest Bitcoin donation of even 25 cents, these donations add up quickly. Hopefully this website will have provided you with enough information for you to get yourself some Bitcoin and see how the sending and receiving of Bitcoin works. So the best support for us is a success story and that success is really measured by how we can help these homeless people get some relief and turn their lives around. So donate to them.

We have some incredible ideas to take this project to new heights, so anything you can do to help us out would be amazing. You can use this QR code to donate, this wallet is now set aside solely for Project 256 development and the transactions to and from this Bitcoin address so you can see where the money is spent. Just go to and search the address 1GCukJL9jozAgBL5EWekGGKc3ZUZtdtZrS

If you have any questions or anything you want to communicate to us, email

Thanks again for your interest in Project 256.